Born & Bred Historical Research is here to help you start your family tree, provide family history research and arrange archival access and copies of Victorian public records. We also offer a bespoke Born & Bred family narrative service to have your own family’s tales uniquely recorded for future generations.We also work closely with organisations, such as law firms, by providing professional record retrieval, a record digitisation service and comprehensive research support.


Lee Hooper has a love of old creepy houses, unlocking mysteries found within Victorian public records and writing fiction and non-fiction that expresses her love for a good spun yarn and the articulate telling of true tales.

Lee has five years’ historical research and archival access experience thanks to her time working at the Public Record Office Victoria. Combining her research skills and her passion for writing, Lee has contributed to articles published in the Herald Sun and has had a grisly true crime story published in Provenance, the Public Record Office Victoria’s annual journal.

She completed the Diploma of Library and Information Services in 2013 and is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Historical Inquiry and Practice through University of New England.

Phoebe Wilkens’ passion is genealogy, discovering a love for researching families, their origins and finding skeletons in the closet. Phoebe also loves to write about historical events and delights in discovering treasures in the archives.

She has a wide and varied range of research experience, having worked alongside Lee at the Public Record Office Victoria for nearly two years, as well as working at the Geelong Heritage Centre and volunteering at the Royal Historical Society of Victoria.

Phoebe successfully completed her Advanced Diploma in Local, Family and Applied History through the University of New England in 2012 and while mid-way through her graduation ceremony decided to undertake her Bachelor of Historical Inquiry and Practice which she will complete late 2016.

Whether you would like a starter family tree, a copy of a record held at the Public Records Office Victoria or if you would like your family’s story uniquely captured and presented for future posterity, Phoebe and Lee at Born & Bred Historical Research are here to help.

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